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Enjoy your special time together with bride & groom photography.

Weddings can be very hectic affairs. While the day is supposed to be about the happy couple, getting a group of people together and hosting a large celebration can be logistically challenging. Here at RTP.Studio, we want to make sure the focus of the celebration remains on the happy couple with our bride & groom photography options. We are committed to providing a comfortable and enjoyable photography session for you in the Research Triangle, North Carolina area.

Bride & Groom Photography in Research Triangle, North Carolina

Because your wedding day itself passes by so quickly, it is critical to get a great photographer to capture these special moments. When you work with us for bride & groom photography, we are able to capture the uniqueness of any couple. We want to showcase the uniqueness and individuality of the bride and groom and freeze their special moments in time.

We know that not everyone is comfortable posing in front of a camera, and couples are no different. Utilizing the skills and experience we have garnered over years of being in the photography business, we are able to showcase the best side of every couple. We know how to help you pose while also feeling relaxed and comfortable. This enables us to capture both posed and candid shots beautifully.

Whether you have something specific in mind for your bride & groom photography session or would like some input from our experts, we would love to assist you. For more information about these services or to book your session, please contact us today.

FAQs About Bride & Groom Photography

Our team at RTP.Studio has extensive experience in event photography, and one type of event we love working is weddings. In particular, we love bride & groom photography, which focuses on capturing special moments between you and your new spouse. Below, we will go over a few of the most frequent questions we receive on this topic to help you know what to expect from our bride & groom photography services.

What is bride & groom photography?

Bride & groom photography is a subset of wedding photography that focuses on capturing special moments with the newlywed couple. While you’ll naturally want photos of the larger event, the wedding party, and the guests, above all you will want photos of yourself and your new spouse. Our team has the experience to capture all the special moments between you and your partner to commemorate your special day.

Is bride & groom photography posed or candid?

Both! Our team knows how to work with you to create beautiful, posed shots that showcase your unique personalities, and we will also be on the lookout for spontaneous moments of joy and connection to capture those as well. Above all, we’ll make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed during all our shoots, so you can let your individual character shine through.

Can my partner and I make suggestions for our photos?

Yes, absolutely! As we mentioned, our goal is to capture beautiful photos that showcase your unique personalities and the way you come together in your relationship. If you have any particular poses you want to do, or any other suggestions, we are happy to work with you to get those shots. Alternately, if you are stumped for ideas, don’t worry, as our team can take care of everything.