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If you need attractive, professional headshots, turn to our team to get the results you deserve.

While many people associate headshot photography with actors or other performers, the truth is that people in a wide variety of professions may need a headshot. A professional profile portrait for your company website, your profile image on social media, and an e-signature photo for email are all important in the modern digital age to build trust and credibility. If you are ready to have great headshots created, we encourage you to come to the best–our team at RTP.Studio has the right experience and the discerning eye you need to make sure you can present your best face to the world.

Headshots in Research Triangle, North Carolina

Today, headshots are synonymous with portraits. Having a portrait taken in your work environment helps legitimize you as a professional and an expert in your field. Clients like to know who they are speaking with on the phone, which means a welcoming portrait can make you more approachable to the client. The leadership team and the employees are representatives of the brand and company culture; therefore, a storytelling portrait that shows the character of the subject enhances the brand’s image.

While having professional quality equipment certainly helps, what really sets professional headshots apart from selfies is the level of attention given to things like staging, composition, lighting, and engaging the camera. Our team has extensive experience in professional photography, including headshot photography, and we know how to capture your image so that you look your best without losing your personality in the process. The purpose of headshots is to give potential clients or employers a chance to put a face to your resume and get an impression of your personality, and our team knows how to work with you to make sure you present a professional appearance while still conveying your individuality.

When you turn to our team for help with your professional headshots, you can count on us to provide the friendly, personalized service you need. We will start by taking the time to learn about you and your profession in order to understand the image you want to convey via this portrait. With the internet playing an increasingly larger role in every industry, more and more companies are choosing to include headshots of their staff on their websites in order to humanize their organizations and present a friendly, accessible image. Because visual impressions play such an important role in our decision-making, it’s important to make sure that your headshot sends the right message to your customer base, and our team has the right skills to help you present yourself as the competent professional you are. Whether you are a medical professional trying to show a compassionate face to your patients or a service worker trying to show a friendly smile to customers, you can count on our team to help you get the right message across.

Our team is proud to serve the Research Triangle, North Carolina area, and we want to help you do what’s best for your career. First impressions matter a great deal for both employers and customers, so you’ll want to make sure your headshots are of the best possible quality. If you are looking for the right studio to take your headshots, we encourage you to give us a call to book a session or learn more about your options.

FAQs About Headshots

At RTP.Studio, we have worked on a wide variety of photography shoots, and one of the most specific and important types of photos we can provide for you is professional headshots. In our experience, this is a type of photography that not everyone knows much about, so to give you a better idea of what headshots are and what they’re for, we have put together a list of our most frequently asked questions on the subject.

Aren’t headshots only for actors?

While acting headshots are certainly the most well-known example of this type of photo, actors are far from the only professionals who need them. In fact, headshots are a great way for to present your best face to the world—and to your clients specifically—and they can help give you an air of legitimacy and expertise in your field, no matter what that might be.

Are headshots just ID photos?

ID photos do tend to frame the same areas as a headshot—the head and shoulders—but the difference in quality is noticeable. Most ID photos are taken with cheap cameras in poor lighting conditions, and they aren’t meant for anything except identification. In contrast, we use professional cameras and high-quality lighting to capture clear, detailed images, and we will work with you to help your personality shine through. Our team will help you take headshots that capture the essence of your character and present yourself in the best possible light.

How often should I update my headshot?

Due to the nature of the job, professional actors need to have new headshots taken every 1-2 years. If you’re not in the performing arts, however, you have more flexibility. In general, it’s a good idea to get new headshots when you transfer to a new company or get new position, but other than that you only need to worry about updating your headshot if your old one starts to look noticeably different from your reflection.