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We’ll capture you in your best light.

Do you need portrait photography done? Portrait photography is done for a variety of different reasons. Perhaps you are a company looking to update your staff roster with a current photo of everyone working for you. Perhaps you are an actor or a model who could use new headshots that suit a more current style. Here at RTP.Studio, we want to help you be seen in your best possible light, and we know that once you have experienced our expertise and portrait photography, you won’t want anyone else taking your professional pictures!


With experience in both photography as well as a degree in photojournalism, we at RTP.Studio are skilled and ready to help your best light shine through. We recognize that some people are uncomfortable in front of the camera, especially in the case of portrait photography, but our expert professionals do a great job of helping you feel at ease. That discomfort and unease melt away when you have our fun and enjoyable experts behind the camera, leaving you or your employees to showcase genuine smiles and beautiful results.

In the Research Triangle, North Carolina area, there are many places that you could go to have a portrait taken, but none of them will give you quite the same quality and artful results that you will get here at RTP.Studio. If you are looking for experts who can help in your portrait photography needs, then give our team here at RTP.Studio a call today!