How Do 360 Tours Work?

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Perhaps you’ve looked at a real estate listing before and noticed an option to view a virtual tour of the listing. You likely selected that listing over another just because you were able to see more details of the property and tour the home without going out of your way. You might be wondering how you might go about getting that same special effect for your property listing.

How Do 360 Tours Work?

Those virtual tours are also called 360 tours, and we at RTP.Studio can help you get exactly what you need to add them to your listing. Here is how they work.

  • It’s all about photography: Though it seems like a real experience that could be done through video, 360 tours actually rely on photography to make the virtual tour come to life. Photographers use specialized cameras, equipment, and skilled angles and lighting to capture every detail of the property.
  • Piecing everything together: Once we have the photos of the property, we skillfully stitch them seamlessly together to create a real 3D experience with our 360 tours. It’s like piecing together a video, but working with still images instead of video clips.
  • Sit back and enjoy the show: With everything put together seamlessly, you and any potential renters or buyers can sit back and enjoy the 360 tour from their own couch. With all the expert detail, it will look and feel as though they are touring the property in person.

Creating 360 tours can be simple, and they make a large impact on your listing. It could be the difference between getting potential buyers or renters in a few weeks compared to a few months. Just give us a call if you would like to learn more.