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Commemorate your next event with special event photography.

When you have an event coming up, there are many things you will need to plan ahead of time. The food, the venue, the seating, the guest list– the list goes on and on. Putting your time and effort into a special event all pays off when you see the enjoyment on the faces of your guests. If you would like to capture that enjoyment on film and provide your guests with fun memories, finding an expert in special event photography should also be added to your list of things to do.

Special Event Photography in Research Triangle, North Carolina

Hiring the right photographer for your next event in the Research Triangle, North Carolina area is made easier when you choose our professionals here at RTP.Studio! We have years of experience and know how to properly frame shots for both candid and posed photography, ensuring that all your guests are going to look their best in the final product. We want to provide people with photos that they will cherish and treasure with our special event photography, and we encourage people to consider our expertise when selecting photographers.

We strive to make everyone’s experience with photography more enjoyable, and that includes special event photography. We understand that more formal dress or pressure can make people feel a bit apprehensive when having their picture taken, so we use our positive attitude and skills working with different types of people to help the situation. We are able to make people feel at ease, and that enables a more personalized style to shine through our photographs. If you would like more information or to book our special event photography, please give us a call today!

FAQs About Our Special Event Photography Services

Here at RTP.Studio, we want to help you remember your special events for years to come, and we offer special event photography services to help you do just that. We have received many questions about these services over the years, and we have put together a few of the most frequent examples below for you to check out.

What kinds of special events do you cover?

You can use our special event photography services for virtually any event you can think of. Whether you are planning a wedding, birthday celebration, corporate dinner, or anything else, you can enlist our experienced photographers to capture photos of the event to commemorate your special occasion.

What kinds of photos will you take?

As part of our special event photography packages, we offer a blend of candid and posed photos to help you get the best of both. Our photographers will be on the lookout for great candid shots throughout your event and will capture images that showcase the best of you and your guests’ authentic, unguarded personalities. In addition, we can also take the time to stage photos—for example, at a wedding, we will make sure to get posed shots of the wedding party and family—to allow you to present yourselves the way you want to be seen and remembered.

What are the benefits of special event photography services?

If you are the designated photographer for your family or friend group, then you know that it is hard to divide your attention between taking photos and simply enjoying the party. By having our dedicated photographers take over this duty for you, you can spend all your time enjoying yourself and won’t have to worry about documenting the experience. You are also assured of getting a wide range of high-quality images to remember the special day.