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Remember your event fondly with our expert event photography.

Welcome to RTP.Studio! If you have an event coming up, chances are good that you are looking intently on the planning process. You want to make sure everything will go smoothly and need to check those big-ticket items off your list such as the venue, the catering, and perhaps most importantly, the photographer. Having the right photographer can make all the difference in how your event is remembered in the Research Triangle, North Carolina area. Here at RTP.Studio, we want to help you look back on your event with fondness and enjoyment with our experts in event photography.


Here at RTP.Studio, we are skilled in all forms of event photography. Having worked with all varieties of events over the course of our career, we are confident that we can capture your event in a positive light. Whether you are looking to capture a large, fancy wedding or a smaller, more intimate rite of passage event, we can provide you with the photographs you are hoping for in these and any other events.

With the experience that you want and a degree in photojournalism, we can provide results you will love. If you are at a corporate event, we can help set you apart by uploading professional photos in real time of speakers, gatherings and other important parts of your event. We are one of the few photography companies that are capable of this, and we know it’s something your guests will enjoy and appreciate. For answers to  your questions or to learn more about event photography, please give us a call today.

FAQs About Event Photography

Our team at RTP.Studio has extensive experience in both posed and candid photography, and we use both these skillsets to provide top-notch event photography services. If you’ve never worked with an event photographer before, you are bound to have questions about the prospect. For your convenience, we have put together a list of some of our most frequently asked questions below so that you can make a more informed decision.

Why should I hire an event photographer?

There are multiple reasons why we encourage everyone to hire professional event photography services. First, having a professional photographer there to document the event gives you the freedom to enjoy yourself, or more brain space to use to manage the proceedings. Second, our photographers will capture great moments from your party, conference, or other event, giving you mementos that you can keep forever. Third, if you want photos that you can use for promotional material later, having a trained photographer to capture them is a must.

Are there different types of event photography?

While the skillset involved in photographing one type of event compared to another doesn’t change much, there are definitely photographers who have more experience working on, say, corporate conferences than they do on casual social gatherings. Our event photography team has plenty of experience photographing a wide variety of events, and you can count on us to capture images that meet your goals—beautiful memories at a personal celebration, highlights of teamwork and success at a corporate event, and so on.


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