Ghost Mannequin Photography, Research Triangle, NC

We are equipped to handle ghost mannequin photography, which is ideal for clothing.

There are many situations in product photography where, no matter how you take the photo, you aren’t going to get the desired result without taking the added step of editing. At the top of this list is clothing, where you do not want to use a model or a mannequin that could detract attention from the garment itself. The solution for this situation is ghost mannequin photography, and this is a technique we are quite familiar with here at RTP.Studio.

Ghost Mannequin Photography in Research Triangle, North Carolina

Ghost mannequin photography gives your garments dimension and personality. The goal is to showcase the fit of the product better than flat photography would provide. It takes quite a bit of experimentation to come up with the right pose, which is generally a static one rather than trying to replicate movement that might not transfer into flow of the garment properly. The photos can be taken with a live model or with a mannequin, as long as the product fits correctly.

We begin with high-quality photographs taken in a studio setting with appropriate lighting, camera equipment, and careful planning as to the angle and other factors that will achieve a flattering image. We actually take many photographs, both on the model or mannequin and positioned on a foam board. This enables us to combine images and then add any necessary shadows and other touches to get to the ultimate ghost mannequin photography result.

If you would like to know more about our ghost mannequin photography or any of our corporate photography services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We serve the Research Triangle, North Carolina area as a reliable, creative, and trusted professional photographer and we look forward to producing quality work for your company.