Flat Lay Product Photography, Research Triangle, NC

It takes experience and creativity to create quality flat lay product photography.

On the surface, it might seem that flat lay product photography is uncomplicated. However, the reality is that there are many factors involved in producing quality results. At RTP.Studio, serving the Research Triangle, North Carolina area, we take pride in creating stunning images that you can use for a variety of marketing campaign purposes.

Flat Lay Product Photography in Research Triangle, North Carolina

The first thing we do is get familiar with not only the products you need photographed, but also with your company’s personality and brand. This gives us insight into the character we need to give your products to achieve the emotional response from your target audience that will entice them to purchase.

The next step is determining the composition of the product(s). This can take a great deal of experimentation until we have organized the items for maximum appeal to achieve the ultimate purpose for your flat lay product photography result. Creating balance and avoiding a cluttered look are both goals during planning the layout. We also turn our attention to what to use for the background. We shoot for one that complements your products without being a distraction. We also work with lighting that will bring about the best result without confusing the viewer as to what they are looking at. Our goal here is to add a bit of depth without creating distracting shadows.

There is also more that goes into flat lay product photography, including the right positioning of the camera and achieving the right depth of field. It can take a great deal of experimentation and creativity to get the exceptional results you deserve, and we are more than up for the challenge. Reach out to us today to learn more.