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Professional corporate photography with great results in the Research Triangle area.

There are some types of photography that require quite a bit of skill and research in order to complete them professionally. Here at RTP.Studio, we understand that portraits are challenging, and we do our best to ensure that everyone is happy with the end result, both the subject and those viewing the photographs! If you have been on the hunt for a qualified, capable and talented photography studio to help you with your corporate photography needs in the Research Triangle, North Carolina area, look no further than our experts here at RTP.Studio.

We work with many different types of corporate photography, including:

  • Medical Photography- Patients these days want to know a little bit about their healthcare providers before appointments, and medical photography is an important step in patient care. Having a face to match with a name can go a long way in patient care and comfort.
  • Commercial Photography- A business of any kind can benefit from corporate photography. Not only is it better for security to have some form of photo ID, but commercial photography can be great for clients to see and learn a little bit about you before meeting you.

Corporate Photography in Research Triangle, North Carolina

  • Newsletter Photography- If you have a corporate newsletter to send out, let us help you with the newsletter photography. We can get great angles of your property, work that you do at your business, and even headshots of your employees.
  • Editorial Photography- We are ready to help you with all the photography that you might need to accompany an editorial or communications report with our editorial photography! Let us know what you are looking for and we can get started.

If you have questions about our corporate photography options here in the Research Triangle area, please give us a call today.

FAQs About Corporate Photography

Many business owners find themselves “wearing many hats,” particularly during the start-up phase. At some point, you’ll divest some of those various duties as you attract top people to your organization. There will always be some duties that you do not need a full-time person to handle as they don’t come up a great deal. Someone to handle your corporate photography is an example. That’s where we come in. At RTP.Studio, we offer exceptional photography services to businesses in the Research Triangle, North Carolina area. It makes a lot of sense to outsource this task to an experienced professional who will take the time to address any questions you have and provide you with high-quality results. Here are a few common questions that we have been asked about corporate photography:

Do you handle both animate and inanimate corporate photography?

Yes, we can do a photo shoot at events and for portraits, as well as photographing places, buildings, products, and other inanimate items.

Can you do specialty photography, such as ghost mannequin and green screen photography?

Yes, we are equipped and experienced to do whatever it takes to present the professional appearance and other attributes that are most important to you.

What makes you the best choice for portraits for our website?

We believe that we have a unique talent for getting an impression of each person’s personality and letting that shine through in the portrait. We put your staff members at ease so we can present a professional appearance while still conveying their individuality. Instead of a page of staged, forced smiles, we create each headshot to be authentic and approachable.


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